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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How many times have we seen Israel cave in to international pressure and release Palestinian terrorists as a "peace gesture?" The reality is, the Palestinian leadership has used these brief "truces" not as a means to move toward peace, but an opportunity to regroup and retool their terrorist army.

How long until one of these released prisoners blows himself up with a group of Israeli schoolchildren? Tick tock.

I'll say it again: Peace is a by-product of Victory. Win the war, then make the peace.

World War II is a great example of this -- it was a direct consequence of the allied decision to pull back and declare an armistace just as they were poised to completely destroy the enemies forces. The result, a battered and bruised, but not beaten Germany army licked its wounds and came back stronger and more destructive than ever. Yes, I know the argument that the reparations were responsible for destroying the German economy and leading to the rise of Naziism. I agree that reparations contributed to Hitler's rise, but I think they also made it more difficult for Germany to rebuild its army. Had we not had reparations, we may have fought World War II sooner.

Revolutionary war, same deal. The British disregarded most of the Treaty of Paris and continued to occupy forts on the American frontier for 30 years, even though they had agreed to give those up to American control. The result: The war of 1812, our second war for independence.

Don't even get me started about Korea. As a great man once said, "Truman was too big of a p***y to let McCarther push the Red Chinese back to the Great Wall of China."

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