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Monday, February 28, 2005
Iran and Our New Allies in the War on Terror

1. I am very concerned about the reports that Bush may sign onto the European plan to "buy out" the mullahs in Iran in order to gain an agreement on their part to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. In the case of N. Korea, that strategy was quite possibly the single biggest mistake of the Clinton Presidency (and that is saying something!). We should not repeat that mistake, especially when we are on offense all across the region -- from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Lebanon and Syria. We have our enemies reeling. I'm not surprised the Euro-weenies want to let them up off the mat and dust them off. It isn't worth the good New York Times headlines. As Ledeen says, "Faster, please".

2. In the long term war on terror, the momentum is clearly on our side. Democracy is on the march. Yes, there will still be battles. There may even be a "battle of the bulge" yet ahead of us. But the conclusion of this war is well known. The Islamofacists lose. Democracy wins. The biggest winners, of course, being the Arabs themselves. It may take a decade or more, but recent events indicate it may take much, much less.

I believe we are now seeing the first round of "fair weather" friends. The summer soldiers and springtime patriots will be emerging in the coming months to do two things:
(a) Claim they have always supported the war on terror, but have been trying to get Bush to fight it more effectively

(b) Take credit away from Bush for the success of his policies by claiming the credit for themselves.

By joining the game late, just as things appear to be turning the corner, the Euro-weenies and opponents will now claim that Iraq policy is finally bearing fruit, but only because Bush has abandoned his go it alone approach and brought allies (UN, France, Germany) on board. The reality is, they waited to come on board (and worse, worked behind the scenes to undermine the success) until the outcome was decided.

You will hear this shortly: "Thank God Bush finally listened to us. As a result, the Iraqi policy, which was a disaster, finally turned a corner and we are starting to make real progress."

Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan.

Feel free to post your examples when it happens. And it will happen.

"By joining the game late, just as things appear to be turning the corner, the Euro-weenies and opponents..."

How much crack do you smoke on a daily basis? Turning the corner?!

How many time has Iraq "turned the corner"? After the official "mission accomplished" speech? Or how about after the first siege of Falluja? Or the Seige of Najaf? Or after the destruction of Falluja? Or after the election? We're always turning corners.

Every day you guys seem to think things are getting better and better over there. So by now we should be in some kind of paradise right?

Go read the history of the Vietnam war. We were turning the corner in that war every month for years. The last corner we turned was a humiliating evacuation from the embassy.

Clue to the cluesless: American troops cannot yet even protect the road between the green zone and the airport. Supplies must be ferried around by air because the roads are not secure. The casualty rate among American troops is at an all time high. The number and size of the insurgency attacks is at a high. They just killed 125 iraqi national guard recruits in a single bombing. 300 billion dollars later all we have managed to do is elect an Iranian mullah, Sistani, as ruler of Iraq.

That is some serious denial you are in.
I'll post more later in response to Mr. Anonymous.

First of all, Anonymous sounds Greek, so I will assume you are one of Skip's buddies from the family diner.

Second of all, you are on the wrong side of history.

You are expecting America to pull a Vietnam and put its tail between its legs and whimper away, leaving decent people to live for another three decades with a boot on their neck? It ain't gonna happen.

The sad reality is, the humiliating retreat from the American embassy happened after your buddies, Ted Kennedy and Walter Mondale, pulled US military support from the S. Vietnamese. We weren't pushed out. We weren't defeated. We surrendered. Not in Saigon. Not in Hanoi. Not to Ho Chi Minh. We surrendered in Washington, to Liberals.

And we were wrong to leave. We left our allies to live for three decades of tyranny. How bad was it? Thousands of people put themselves and their children on little tiny boats and tried to sail across the freakin' ocean to freedom.

Say what you want about America, tough guy -- but nobody is jumping on rafts to get out of our country. The rafts are going the other direction.

I'll have more later -- but I really want to hear more of your brilliance.
Sorry for previous rant. I don't think I am wrong, but the crack comment ticked me off. I will post a more reasoned response later, and try hard to keep the Greek jokes and wisecracks to a minimum.

3 hours sleep will do that to you.

Thanks for posting, Anonymous.
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