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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Law School Chris Ways In...

Hunter S. Thompson is a sissy. There - I said it - that big elephant in the middle of the room, the fact we all knew but just couldn't bring ourselves to say. He made a living, and a very good one at that, by becoming a tough guy poseur for a generation of liberals who wanted desperately to believe that there was some semblance of masculinity still possible among the 'turned in tuned on and tuned out' classes. When he took the coward's way out, we all knew that, in the end - it was just an act.

I see a lot of similarities between Thompson and fellow Coloradan Ward Churchill - that leftist love of 'gun as revolutionary accessory'. They love to pose with them, write about using them - and even on occasion fire them into the air - or - in Thompson's case, bravely at inanimate objects. Incoherent ramblings about the possible uses of these firearms are also a hallmark of the winging lefty as tough guy. Like nuclear weapons, my test has always been more about the use you get out of the weapons you have rather than the number you've got. For Hunter - weapons were like Michael Moore's Michigan State hat - just an accessory to prove authenticity.

Despite all attempts at tough guy survivalism he chose to build his 'heavily fortified compound' in the winter wonderland of Aspen, Colorado. Apparently roughing it just isn't possible unless you're more than an hour away from an airport and a steady supply of fawning fans - show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are. Towards the end of his life it appeared that Thompson dropped more names than acid. His last column involved a rambling conversation with Eddie Murphy at 3am on a new golf game and many obituaries noted the fact that many celebrities had similar experiences. It seems more like Thompson used the Hell's Angels as a way to build 'street cred' for his image and then spent the better part of the past three decades imposing it on everyone in sight.

There has been a lot of ink spilled on Thompson's role in history, his place as the inventor of gonzo journalism. As purveyor of 'authenticity' for the MSM he had few peers. He played a useful, perhaps vital role for liberal elites to feel that they were 'real' - the same role played by coffee that is 'shade grown' 'environmentally friendly' and that pays a 'living wage' or by Michael Moore.

With a bullet in his brain Hunter's amusing sideshow has come to an end. As a writer I'm told that he was pretty good - but as a human, it seems like his empty life and pointless death just go as another example of the nihilistic waste of the 60's.

For those who don't know Chris, he worked with me for a while in the political trenches before heading off to law school and a real job (and good money). He joined the SCG's out for a beer in DC on Innauguration night, but the (remaining) SCG's were showing their age. I know that I was more stuffed with food than I was drunk, but felt twice as bad.

Chris was working on a very special project while in Law School and, just to update the SCG's, if Chris were to give a speech on an aircraft carrier, the sign above him would read: Mission NOT Accomplished!

I liked Hunter S. Thompson's work. The Hell's Angel's book got him in, but his articles in Rolling Stone kept him in.
Bush worshipper's forget the book he put out some years ago about Clinton, he dragged him thruogh the mud in a hilarious way.
For those that did not appreciate his fiction/journalism/humor I am sorry. Perhaps tunning in to another episode of Sean Hannity will calm you down, as he will no doubt agree with you(and anything Bush has to say about the matter).
Relax. There just books.
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