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Friday, February 18, 2005


The Harvard faculty is having a cow over comments made by President Larry Summers at a conference that there might be - gasp! - biological differences between men and women and these differences might translate into differences in what people end up doing for a living. I know it is hard to believe.

If you get a chance, check out his comments here.

Jonah has been all over this, pointing out the bizzaro world we live in where Summers effort to raise some legitimate questions that science should examine is unacceptable in modern academia, yet Ward Churchill's lunatic rantings comparing innocent victims of 9/11 to Nazi war criminals must be protected to ensure academic freedom.

I think that Bizzaro is the perfect symbol for academia today. A dim version of the superman it imagines itself to be. "Super" only in the bizarro world, destructive and/or pathetic when set loose on the real world.

This is not exactly a defense for the whole stay in school campaign.
In all fairness, I think the whole free speech as long as it is politically correct thing is fun to watch. It is a social example of the side effects of liberal democrat thinking. In san francisco it is ilegal to throw a cigarette butt on the ground, but it is legal to spread diseases in public bath there is a good butt and a bad butt.
I agree with Military Mark -- it is er, fun to watch, though much like it is "fun" to watch a train wreck. It is hard to look away from an amazing combination of asininity and arrogance.

I'm not sure if I am in favor of firing Ward Churchill for his views. The problem, I think, is that pseudo-academics like Churchill are way too common. He was hired because he was (a) an indian (and a fake one at that!) and (b) a leftist who would stoke the fires of minority victimhood. When your discipline is actually a political agenda masquerading as a discipline, than it isn't surprising that it becomes hijacked by people like Connelly. In fact, it is unfair to Connelly to say he hijacked ethnic studies. Ethnic studies, black studies, latino studies and indian, er Native American studies, have hijacked the legitimate disciplines like history and political science which are better suited to approach those subjects without politicization. Yes -- both PSC and HIS have similar problems, but nowhere near the problems that have arisen by ghettoizing race and gender into separate, academically challenged departments.
The whole topic of if churchill should go is the least interesting too me..I enjoy the drama. When the leftists get there time in the spot light they generally f**k it up, and this case is no exception. They build a fence beetween themselves and mainstream America. It is what has caused there political downfall. If they keep supporting who others deem damned then they plan there own outcome. Decisions in life should be well thought out, or so conservative me has learned.
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