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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Questions for Q&A Guy: UPDATED

Couple of questions:

1. Nation Building - where has it worked, where has it not, and how should it be handled in Iraq?

It worked great in Germany, Japan, South Korea. We gave up on the project for about 30 years, deciding it wasn't right to impose American "values" on other nations. Instead, we have chosen the route of "peacekeeping" to ensure "self-determination" on the part of the tyrants who currently hold power in places like the Sudan, Haiti, Ruwanda. As for failures -- I have my doubts about France -- I think we botched that one.

Another place we have failed to build a real nation is Canada. Our efforts to build a Canadian culture where there currently is none have also proven fruitless. Despite our efforts to saturate the country with American values and deprive our Northern neighbor of any stars of its own (by importing John Candy, Dana Carvey, Michael Meyers, Wayne Gretzky,, the Canadians stubbornly insist on 1985 era haircuts and spend most of their time watching old "Beachcomber's" episodes and eating Coffee Crisp candy bars. Depriving them of Hockey is part of a CIA plot to weaken the country prior to our invasion.

At the end of the day, people have to build their own nation. But we can help them to help themselves. Bush has been successful because, like Kennedy and Reagan, he believes in the American idea and knows that this world needs a few more countries that embrace good old fashioned American values.

You doubt Kennedy, Reagan and Bush are cut from the same cloth? Consider: which Presidents have most lived up to the pledge that JFK made in his innaugrual address:

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty... This much we pledge - and more."

2. There's lots of focus on Iran now with its progress in nuclear development. Isn't North Korea still more dangerous - especially with their nutty dictator Kim Jong-Il?

Did you ever play the game Risk? You don't take over the board all at once. You create a strategery and you accomplish your objectives one by one. North Korea is a tough nut to crack. They may have Nukes. That's why we need missile defense.

The left likes to say that to be consistent, Bush should invade Korea. That's just silly. My gut tells me that Korea is very much like the old Soviet Union. An empty shell. Imposing on the outside, but so corrupted and empty on the inside it will eventually collapse into itself. That doesn't mean we should support the realist notion of dealing with our N. Korean enemy to achieve stability. That has only made them more dangerous. We need to do what Reagan did -- keep the pressure on. Let's call it the "third way." It sounds catchy.

3. Ginger or Mary Ann? Provide your rationale.

Let's think about this from a political angle. Which one most resembles the first lady and Mrs. Heinz Kerry? I think Laura is very clearly a "Mary Ann." Teresa, on the other hand, is neither a Ginger or a Mary Ann. She is a Mrs. Howell.

Ginger: Blue State Hollywood liberal. Probably stoned most of the day and completely plastic.

Mary Ann: A red state beauty who looks good in overalls and knows how to make a delicious pie. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Mrs. Howell: The empty suits -- be they Democrats like Kerry or blue blooded country club Republicans (Amo Houghton? Arlen!) -- are best suited for a woman who can bring home the bacon.

1. Heaven , Hell , like purgatory
2. Pray for all the sinners and ye shall be saved
3. Neither, I prefer little boys
1. Afghanastan, nation buliding worked very well there. Iraq will fail, but it will take a decade or two, and maintaining it as a terrorist battle front right now makes sense
2. North Korea and Iran should have been the new battle front, but neither one of those countries tried to kill GWB's dad, but heighnsight is very clear. They will or should go down, but no time soon.
3. Marie Ann.
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