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Monday, February 07, 2005
Re. Sip's Questions

Let me offer a little help to Mr. Q & A Guy and ask a question of my own.

Which SCG state is the squishiest? What difference does it make? You have all chosen to move to those respective states - even AFTER having lived in more conservative red states. Keep fighting the good fight, keep telling yourselves the schools are better, and enjoy paying your higher taxes. VA is now my home. I disavow my connections to NY, other than visiting my family once a year and bolting back down south as fast as I can with a car full of Canadian beer and fine deli products.

GOP candidates in '08. Interesting question and want to hear what others think. The ones we know (and fear): McCain, Guiliani, Pataki, Romney (I almost can't keep a straight face anymore). Speculate: Sen. Frist, Sen. Allen.
Little talk from the Governors other than Arnold. Some that may be good: Guinn NV, Sanford SC, Huckabee AR. Some freshman gov may turn up too - Huntsman UT, Mitch Daniels IN, Blunt MO. Owens CO hurt himself with personal problems or would have easily been a frontrunner.

Iran - another good question. Can we pull off a diplomatic hard nudge? Can they survive a Tianneman square type uprising?

Question: Is Sip a Patriots fan today?

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