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Friday, February 18, 2005
Our loyal readership (i.e., close family and any other readers, if there are any!) can now post comments directly to the site. This is an experiment and we can see how it works.

Also, I posted a few more links on the left hand column. I think the links I added are required reading. These are the guys who helped bring down Rather and Eason Jordan and are keeping the MSM accountable. Two that I haven't added, but you should be reading: Taranto's Best of the Web Today on and Gereghty's "TKS" on National Review Online.

A couple of these -- Powerline and Polipundit and, to a lesser extent, Captain's Quarters -- are group blogs. I am hopeful that we here at SCG will be striving to match them story by story.

Can someone figure out how to get the "comments 0" line into a smaller font? It doesn't look right.
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