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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Stuff in No Particular Order

1. Congrats to U of R Republicans. Their argument is exactly what Lawrence Summers should have used at Harvard. Instead, he caved. He should have stuck to his guns. It's a shame the place where you are supposed to exercise independent thought is a place you get chastized if you don't conform to the acceptable groupthink. So much for 'diversity' on a university campus. I hope U of R Republicans get some good press out of this.

2. Tedy Bruschi should retire. I wish only good things for him, but in the same vein that I thought Don Beebe shouldn't continue playing, I think Bruschi should hang it up.

3. Speaking of retiring, we all know Rehnquist will probably be soon. Perhaps O'Connor too? One can hope.

4. Putin has been disappointing with his major power grabs. He and Bush were relatively tight, for a time. I wonder if it will get frosty as (if?) Bush pushes for more democratic reforms in Russia (more freedom of press, etc).

5. Anyone missing the hockey season?

Here is an off topic question. What the hell is Bush doing parading around with Clinton. It creeps me out, almost gets me thinking that the conspiracy freaks might have been on to something.
I miss hockey, it is a religion in Michigan, my new home of record.
Question 2, which republican is going to be able to beat Hillary in 2008. I see no one up to it from my seat in the audience, and that brings me back to wondering why Bush senior is hanging around with Clinton...its like some psy-ops endorsement.
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