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Friday, February 25, 2005

Have had a hecka of a time getting into the sight over the past week....

Follow-up on China: Sip, China and for the most part all of Asia, have had the largest growth in energy consumption over the past two years, due to their growing economy. Their oil consumption still pales to the U.S., but growth in demand in that continent has been incredible and is a large part as to why oil and gasoline prices have risen in the U.S. and internationally. But it should be said that their economy continues to be fueled by coal as it remains their largest source of energy. It will be interesting to watch China and the global energy marketplace over the next few years. As China and Asia struggle to grow their economies, the demand for oil, coal, and natural gas will increase and could be an Achilles Heel for them - and could cause problems for our economy (supply will have trouble meeting demand) too.

Hockey: I miss hockey. Being from the Northeast, it was what got us through the long, cold, dark winters. Watching it on TV. Loving Hockey Night in Canada. Playing street hockey. Hosing down and freezing the backyard so that we could skate. Most of all I miss the old NHL - Sixteen teams, real fans, solid teams that weren't watered down. AND I don't care what anyone says about ANY other sport - Hockey playoffs and the Stanley Cup are the best. Other professional sports' playoffs and championships stink compared to the intensity of NHL playoffs.

NBA: Who cares?

H.S. Thompson: Poser. Agree with Chris. What will it be like when we are in our sixties and the narcisstic "Me" generation is dying off? Will we have survived? Can't wait.

Social Security reform: Could be biggest domestic policy victory for Bush and will be much more appreciated in years to come. I am VERY supportive.

New York: Was there last weekend. Tried real real hard to not pay any taxes. Succeeded only in paying them on alcoholic beverages. Don't miss my car being cruddy all winter.

I honestly miss fighting in hockey. I believe it's part of the game. It doesn't have to be the 75-76 Flyers, but a good Bruins-Sabres game in the early 80's had just enough.
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