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Friday, March 11, 2005
"America's Daring"

Every time the United States the last quarter century had acted boldly — its removal of Noriega and aid for the Contras, instantaneous support for a reunified Germany, extension of NATO, preference for Yeltsin instead of Gorbachev, Gulf War I, bombing of Milosevic, support for Sharon's fence, withdrawal from Gaza and decapitation of the Hamas killer elite, taking out the Taliban and Saddam-good things have ensued. In contrast, on every occasion that we have temporized — abject withdrawal from Lebanon, appeasement of Arafat at Oslo, a decade of inaction in the Balkans, paralysis in Rwanda, sloth in the face of terrorist attacks, not going to Baghdad in 1991 — corpses pile up and the United States became either less secure or less respected or both.

- VDH on NRO.

As they say, read the whole thing.

OK, your point is somewhat valid, but with a few faults.
The take down of former CIA payee Manuel Noriga was not bold, it was an overblown attack that gave our military the oppourtunity to test out all its new equipment, so it was sort of a live fire. Good results, putting a CIA spook who failed to continue to "get along with friends" behind bars, but not the right way to handle it.
Our reaction to the Taliban was bold, and it worked. However, while in country, we should have had a much stronger plan to identify and elliminate Al Quedia. We have failed to do so to this day, and all exuses are just that, excuses.
Our decade of "inaction in the Balkens" was the greatest thing our country has done in a long time. I have met many a result of that conflict in the USA, and all who I have met thank the US, and Bill Clinton, for thiers and there families lives. Thats enough for me.
I agree that action in the Balkans was justified. I don't think Clinton went far enough, however, and the "zero casualties" mentality of bombing from 10,000 feet allowed the conflict to continue without resolution for far too long. I think Hanson is right about this one. They still have reason to thank America, sure, since without us, Milosovic is still in power. But we should never have taken the UN's lead on that -- as the wartime atrocities and massacres that took place while UN peacekeepers stood around a few miles away doing nothing demonstrates.

Clinton didn't do everything wrong, and I think that this is an area where simply deciding to do something is a feather in his cap, even if we disagree with the totality of it.
OK, so you and I agree on the Balkin's for the most part. How about Panama? I challenge you to justfiy the invasion with the force we backed it was a massacre for one man, but a good training exercise none the less.
How about the Afghan, we have done good there, but still have failed to accomplish our original mission. Personally i think we should stay for as long as practical, but the overall mission, other then the ousting of the Taliban( not to be confused with Al Quedia), has yet to produce results.
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