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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Last year, the media were positively giddy that the Supreme Court of Massachussets (SCOMA) declared restrictions on gay marriage unconstitutional. The media's blind spot on this issue led them to go way too far, too fast. And John Kerry -- who publicly declared that his position on gay marriage was the same as the President's -- was unable to get far enough away from the issue. He had the proverbial tiger by the... er, tail -- and couldn't do much of anything but hold on for fear of alienating either middle America or his liberal base.

Now, as the notoriously spineless Senate Republicans prepare for a historic showdown on the isssue of whether or not a minority of Senators can block an up or down vote on the President's judicial nominees, the Supreme Court decides to end the death penalty for murderers, rapists and terrorists under the age of 18.

Senate Republicans have just been handed a way to talk about the issue of judges that actually resonates with the public. Whether they run with it or not is anyone's guess, but I think there is a much better chance that the President will get his judges this year and the media and the Democrats will, once again, have activist judges to thank for it.

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