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Monday, March 07, 2005

A big thank you goes out to Senator John Kerry, for his efforts to provide propaganda to despots, who can use the overheated rhetoric of Kerry, Kennedy and the left to justify their own abysmal human rights record. The thank you comes from the tyrants and their cronies, not those innocents languishing in jails because of their political and/or religious beliefs.

Yes, a bit of credit goes to the (thankfully handful) of idiots who tarnished their uniforms and the good name of many of their colleagues by acting like fraternity brothers with more power and amunition. But the left and the media deserve the bigger thank you for turning a small story into the story of the century.

This is truly a ridickulous post. You act as if that article isn't filled with actual facts. You need to go to the political version of AA with the first step admitting you have a problem. Maybe this administration should pay off the chinese media for favorable reviews. It seemed to work well for them in this country. Throw back some more kool-aid I don't think your quite high enough.
Hey, be my guest. If you are comfortable allowing dictators to use your overheated partisan rhetoric to justify actual oppression, have at it. If you think a student democratic activist languishing in a tyrant's jail is the equivalent of a terrorist having to put panties on his head and get in a naked pyramid, that's fine.

If you go around equating parking tickets to murder, you shouldn't be surprised when murderers use your parking tickets to divert attention from the shallow graves they have dug around themselves.

Please look for some new metaphors, too.
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