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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Turns out that Jeff Weise, the 17 year old killer who shot up his high school, was a fan of National Socialism. He apparently went by the name of "Todesengel" (Angel of Death) on some web postings with the Nazi party.

It hasn't been connected that I have seen, but earlier this week marked the birth date of Josef Mengele, who was also known as "Todesengel".

Thanks to a majority on the Supreme Court, Jeff would have been ineligible for the death penalty had he been captured and convicted.

Maybe it is just me, but I'm pretty sure that the "evolving" community standards in my very blue state would fall very firmly on the side of the death penalty in this case.

Jeff did get the death penalty, albeit it self performed. I hear a group of casino lobbyists have already started working on an appeal to his actions, which would in effect allow NASA to use there little spoken about time machine. Once he is resurected, well placed security forces from different agencies will swarm after him, sending him off to prison(without fear of death).
The same plan is also being considered for the brain damaged chick the liberals are starving to death.
Arn't you the party of "culture of life"?
Yes, we are the party of "culture of life." However, Jeff Weise doesn't respect any culture of life, and sentenced himself to the death penalty...self-inflicted or through a court of law.

Had he lived, I don't think you'll find too many people against the death penalty who would rally to get this guy life in prison. But Jeff made this point moot since he killed himself. Too bad he didn't do it sooner, before he took out numerous others. The world is much better without him in it, yet much worse without the people he killed.
Try not to take life so seriously. The kid was defective, so he killed a few people. Thats tragic, but bound to happen from time to time. Personally I was much more discusted with the old floridian who decided it was ok to have sex with then kill a small girl..but, unfortunatly, that too will happen.
The planet is full of evil doers, and there is a good chance that one of your neighbors is one of them. My approach is to expect the worst possible behavoir from humans, and show great attention twords those who prove me wrong.
Soldiers use the same technique, with the exception that they just kill the ones who act badly.
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