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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Get A Grip

Maybe I am just playing devil's advocate here, but aren't you guys losing it a bit? I'll admit, I was the first to float the idea of two separate countries as a bit of a thought experiment... (ok, maybe a bit more than that in my most frustrated times). But I see this as yet another milestone in judicial over-reach. The ten commandments, the pledge (for a time in at least one district), gay marriage, the death penalty for teenage killers, and now this. People are getting fed up, and the full court press the media is putting on for the judiciary in the Schiavo case is a great example that they realize how high the stakes are.

Again, I don't know if Terri Schiavo wanted to die or not, but I do know that the legislative and executive branches of government used to mean something in this country. Our first focus should be on getting judges who respect the constitution confirmed. We have enough Republicans in the Senate to do that -- if we put the heat on them (particularly in the Northeast). T.I.B.S. -- that's where you come in.

you should really get the actual facts about something before you decide to write about it
like the terri shiavo case
I really like the save terri culture of life spiel and then are depressed we can't kill teenagers. lol
this is like a bad parody site and the only reason i read it is the same reason i slow down at car wrecks
keep up the entertainment guys.
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