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Friday, March 25, 2005
Get A Grip?? We're In A (Death) Grip by the Judiciary

I think Mark Levin's follow up to his bestseller Men in Black should be Men in Black Hoods.

I agree with you in principle TJ, but I think that the left's stranglehold on education combined with the putrid state of pop culture and the judiciary's complicity in creating from the bench rights, rules and laws that could never be enacted by an elected legislature are obstacles that may be too high to get over.

Look, I"ll freely admit that I'm a worst-case scenario pessimist on a lot of this stuff, but how are things getting better for the long term? For every incremental legislative victory we get, there is a judicial coup being handed down every day.

And how do we guarantee that we get good judges and justices? Souter, Kennedy (oh what could have been w/ Bork...), O'Connor,....

I hope that there will be a renewed effort to fix the judiciary by appointing and confirming good judges and that Congress and the states will use their powers to check the judicial leviathan. I'm just not sure that it will work, because the bad guys recognize that the judiciary is their only hope.

I'll have some news about a Northeast effort to do some things with Republicans in the next few weeks, but the problem, as you know all too well, with these guys is that so many of them are hostile to conservatives and actively work to undermine them.

And the problem goes well beyond parties and politics. It's the decay that is found not only in the culture but also in so many of our mediating institutions. But that's a depressing rant for another day.

your so right tibs
another flood is coming and will hopefully
clean our planet of its trash
only people like you and me who believe in the what is right and love gospel music should be able to live amongst our lord thy Gods glorious creations
prepare for rapture
Wow, thank you "i shall rise again" for being so gentle with your opinion..also, why does your name link to a viagra site, because of your chosen nick name..I suppose you must be a fraud.
Jason, your starting to remind of a revolutionary. If you don't like whats going on in this country then you should rise up and take arms, like the fore fathers did. I of course say that in jest, but some conservative brainwashed wackos will probably do just that.
We must trust our system as it is installed, and has been working well for 100's of years.
I don't think we should be starving a woman to death who can't speak for herself, but the courts said it is the right thing to do. I don't think OJ simpson should be free to golf, but the courts said it was the right thing to do. The courts will often cause us to disagree, but for the most part they are correct.
A life is on the line, and it will likely be lost. I have never seen george Bush exit air force one to attend a fallen soldiers funeral, but yet I saw him exit it (back from crawford), in case he was needed to sign a bill into law. This type of politics makes me feel very ill at ease about the current administration. I voted for, and generally support his actions, but this was nothing more then a stunt.
Abortion is murder, but its legal. Killing Terry is murder, but its legal. The death penalty is murder, but its legal. Selling cigarettes is murder, but its legal. Fast food sales are murder, but still legal.
We have to trust our courts to no end. I do, don't always agree with them, but what they say is the final word. A good way to weaken our system would be to contract laws that limit our judges power. Another good way to do it would be to have politicans and religous figures argue and lobby against every decision that is made to which they don't agree.
Lets not take this Terry case to seriously, as there are many lives on the line today. Maybe this husband guy is not a bad fella, maybe he is telling the truth. The law says he makes the decisions, so he makes them.
RIP Terry, thanks for making the history books. Tell God I said thanks for all the good things.
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