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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

TJ - You did not respond to Anonymous' one question - "How much crack do you smoke on a daily basis?" Fess up. I think "daily" gives you, as a former spin doctor, a little too much wiggle room.

I'm on a rant again. My son came home from Catholic school with some pro-environment crap. Some teacher or parent is running a sale of t-shirts with cute little animals on for some save the rainforest animals group. They are selling them for $14.50 a piece. Sat up last night drafting the letter to Sister Mary and Father O'Brien questioning the morals and ethics of targeting kids with this propaganda AND the thought that there are many lessons to be learned here about allowing the people who live near the rainforests feed themselves; putting people before animals; other more appropriate things (anti-abortion) that the kids could be raising money for; give the man a fish/teach a man to fish etc.

Can we re-write Atlas Shrugged as a children's book? Kind of Seuss-ish?

Does SCG have an official beer? We should. I'll admit that on our recent field trips I have become distraught and almost embarrassed over the consumption of "Light" beer by fellow SCG members - then there is infamous Swirlee incedent. I'm frankly concerned that someone is going to order wine soon and be suggesting metrosexual-like field trips to art museums.

We need to have an official beer. Can't have an import, can't be a light beer, and need to avoid most mass marketed crap. I think that Pabst Blue Ribbon is an excellent choice. Rare, American, Red White and Blue. Great quote from the move Blue Velvet "What kinda beer do you drink, neighbor? Heineken. Heineken? F*&# that S%+$ ! Pabst Blue Ribbon!"

Coors is another. Avid supporter of conservative organizations. Anti-union. Little concerned about recent overtures to the gay community. Also recently bought out by Molson - which is a good, and bad, thing.

Any other nominations?

Pabst or Coors? other?

On the topic of an official beer of SCG.
I'm pretty sure that TJ has a few unopened cans of "Billy Beer" up for consideration.
...and as Martha would say "unopened is a good thing".
you guys are the greatest. I am wondering if you could put a link to my site on yours. take a look heregod bless you for all your good work.
keep the faith
True believer- you are very clever. That's us, a big group of fundamantalist gay bashers. You have really done your homework.

Don't like the site. Don't read it. Offer something a bit more constructive next time - like an argument.
On the school thing. I don't see the problem. Protecting the enviroment is not something conservatives should be against.
Conservative is not only what the Republicans tell us. It is a very rational train of thought that allows human beings the choice of being over burdened by big government, or living more freely under a smaller one.
So, because the pro-enviroment groups are usually headed by hippie faggots should not be a reason to fail to regognize that the thing they are trying to protect is precious to all life on this planet. Polution and over logging, and our reliance on fossil fuels are all a major issue that most who claim to be conservative choose to ignore. I am not one of those conservatives.
I think its good that your kids schools is being supportive of educating the young how greatly there parents and ancestors have hurt the earth, and that it is not to late to fix it.
Military Mark -- I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or what, but I don't think that language is appropriate, on our site or anywhere. I appreciate your comments, because you are adding another perspective on a lot of issues, but I really think that language sends the wrong message to people about what this site is about and what we are all about.

Thanks for posting, but keep it clean.
My wife had the same concerns about Matt. I think I understand where Matt is coming from. The other day, a guy on NPR said that the Democrats were portraying Republicans as wanting to pollute the environment. He said that "while that may be partly true.." and went on to talk about how the Republicans policies were actually better for the environment (he was talking about "pollution credits"). What bothered me about this was that even though he could see that Republican policies on pollution credits were better for the environment, he couldn't bring himself around to believing that Republicans don't actually want to pollute the environment. Democrats still have better motives, you see. The problem with the environmental movement as it is promoted in schools is that it is based on mathusian ideas of scarcity... (from Mathus, who said in 1900 that the population would soon outstrip food supply and there would be mass starvation). Thus, the approach to the environment taken by schools is that people who cut down trees, harvest fish, etc... are exploiting the environment and hurting everything. There is little discussion about the importance of property rights and the ability of the market to create incentives (like pollution credits) that result in cleaner environment and more prosperity. We are telling our kids that capitalism and prosperity are the problem when they are the solution! So, Matt is not upset about the fact that they are talking about the environment, he is upset at HOW they are talking about the environment (in 1960's hippie dippy mathusian terms).
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