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Friday, March 11, 2005
Political Correctness Kills

Law School Chris Weighs In:

Today's tragedy in Atlanta shouldn't be overshadowed or marginalized in any way - but as I was watching the TV coverage one inescapable conclusion could not be avoided. During an interview with the District Attorney a reporter asked if the female deputy who was overpowered and killed should have escorted a man, much larger than herself and accused of a violent sex crime, alone. His answer was dismissive, "Of course she should have. I believe that women can do exactly the same things men can do."

Simple logic, facts and reality were no bar to his thinking.

The District Attorney's comments reminded me of the furror launched over Larry Summers. Summers comments that men and women might be slightly different were treated like the church treated Galileo - both Summers and Galileo made voiced obvious facts, but facts that ran counter to the orthodoxy of their day. That's what made Summers so dangerous and is the key to the disproportionate response his comments gained. It only goes to prove that feminists will not let logic, common sense or good public policy stand in the way of their agenda.

And today - a women died for it.

If we, as a society are to progress, to value life and better our society - nothing can be intellectually "out of bounds". Least of which the fact that it might be a bad idea for a smaller female deputy to escort a much larger male alleged sex offender.

The courts, our laws and the modern code of political correctness all enshrine the idea that men and women are equal - in fact modern liberalism claims gender is a "social construct" - an outgrowth of the idea that modern gender roles are antiquated and I'm sure in the minds of liberals somehow "deeply wrong."

I can't prove this - but I can bet that there was a conversation in the Georgia Department of Corrections or maybe even on the floor of that State Capitol a few years ago. Some well meaning "paternalistic" man wanted to preserve the status quo and prevent female corrections officers from escorting male prisoners. There was a retort - probably from a woman, or well meaning "enlightened" man about women being the equal of men in all areas and some generic comment about "a need to think of women as equals" - and the bill passed or the department policy was ended.

In that moment that female deputy's fate was sealed and she was placed in a situation she should never have been in.

There will be no national discussion about this - no examination of our priorities as a nation. Larry Summers has been swiftly silenced and his warning - that men and women just might be different has faded away.

An idea and a movement has been protected - and today - a woman died for it.


As usual facts and logic are against you.

Lets look at the facts. As of 2001, the last year numbers are available, in the US women make up 12.7% of the police force. A little more than 1 in 8. The great majority of both men and women in the police force are front line patrol officers. Studies indicate both male and female officers confront the same situations.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, in 2004, 145 male police officers and 9 female police officers were killed in the line of duty. This shows that doing the same job, a male police officer is 3.6 times more likely to be killed in the line of duty.

So if we take your uninformed argument, and apply the facts to it, we must conclude that due to innate sex differences women are better police officers. Just looking dispasionately at the numbers, we would conclude that if the police force were all women, then we would have had only 49 police officers killed total in 2004, and not 154. Therefore by your argument, 105 more police officers were killed in 2004 than would have been killed had the force been all women.

Get some facts fratboy!
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