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Monday, March 21, 2005
Question for Q&A Guy

While I have kept up-to-date with the Terri Shiavo case over the last 2+ years through my NRO readings, I have not kept up with the recent state’s rights issue (which was never an issue until Dems made it one this week). The Terri Shiavo case (and Gay Rights) is the only time I see Dems strongly supporting state’s rights.

Due to my personal beliefs, I have written my (lame) congressmen, senators, etc, to do whatever is necessary to keep Terri Shiavo alive. As you know, the measure before the Congress passed very early this morning and President Bush signed it. All good news.

Question for the Q&A guy – how does this legislation align with state’s rights?

Not on state rights - I wasn't aware until this week that Terry's husband has a girlfriend with which he has young children. He refuses to divorce her per her parents' request. What gives?
JPC: What Gives?
Mr. Shiavo, Terri's loving husband would have to give up her life insurance. After about 5 years and about a 3 million dollar medical settlement he recalled that Terri
had said she would'nt want to be kept alive under those circumstances. By an attending nurse the conscerned husband stopped Jello and pudding fed to her, witheld certain care, was reported to have injected Terri with insulin and was heard to say among other gems..
"Is the Bitch dead yet?"
Q & A guy responds: As far as I can tell, it doesn't align with either party's view on state rights. I don't have anything funny to say about this one -- it is just a tragic story. The husband is either a complete jerk or has been completely slandered. I don't know which. It is probably somewhere in between. The biggest concern I have is that it demonstrates, once again, how powerless American legislatures have become vis-a-vis the judiciary. I am not sure whether the Florida Legislature or the Congress should have intervened. But I get the sense that no matter what the legislatures did, the judges would do what they wanted to do and reason backwards. Legislatures are the best means we have of expressing the will of the people -- as imperfect as they are, I prefer the folly of 400 men to the prejudices of 1.
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