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Thursday, March 31, 2005
"Right to die"

This case makes me physically ill. It's almost to difficult to contemplate. I shudder to think that a majority of the American public believes she should be "allowed to die." It shows you the extent to which the left and the media have positioned this story. But you can't "allow her to die" if she isn't dying, and make no mistake, she wasn't dying, and she wasn't being prevented from dying. She's dying now beacuse she is being refused water. That is just beyond my ability to comprehend. I guess if I lock my wife in a closet and refuse her food and water, I'm not killing her, I'm just "allowing her to die." It's not bad really, so much more convenient than a divorce.

Look, if she can just be put down like an animal, than why not be a little more humane about it. Shouldn't we just give her a lethal injection or something? Need we actually starve and dehydrate her to death? Let's at least be consistent about this shall we? We wouldn't do this to prisoner on death row, we wouldn't do it to a dog, is this poor woman really of such little value?

Seems we all have the "right to die" afterall, whether we want it or not.

Jason, well said.
I can presume that since Terri
was denigned for thirteen days her
feeding tube and liquids that the
charges for her hospice room remained the same. Giving her
more of the dignity that her husband has afforded her. The next time my cable goes out for a few hours and Adelphia's doesn't show a discount in my bill, I'm going
to be really mad. If Terri had no worth as a living thing how come
she was still married and with a husband at her bed side. May she now rest in peace.
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