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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Top Ten: (in no particular order)

West Wing (though it’s lame in recent years)
Johnny Carson’s monologue on the Tonight Show
Buffalo Sabres hockey games
Law & Order SVU
Crime Story
Fox & Friends (when ED is on)
Home Improvement

Top from Childhood:

Star Blazers (the greatest kid’s show in the history of mankind)
Leave it to Beaver
Little Rascals (when I was young)

TJ - Who is your favorite Muppet? My guess is that you like Beaker.

1) hill street blues
2) St Elsewhere
3) Seinfeld
4) Rockford Files
5) Dukes of Hazzard
6) Mash
7) Hawaii Five O
8) Thw Wonder Years
9) Little House on the Prarie
10) Star Trek

Childhood 10
1) The Land of the Lost
2) Eight is Enough
3) Happy Days
4) Lavernine and Shirly
5) SNL ( its sucked since I hit puberty)
6) Mister Rogers
7) Spiderman episodes on the Electric Company
8) Zoom
9) Richie Rich
10) Different Strokes
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