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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nomination for Conservatives Gone Wild Six Pack Scholarship ie - The Coveted CGWSPS Awards or as they are endearingly known - "The Beeries"

I hereby nominate - Dan Quayle's favorite beer - Pabst Blue Ribbon

& In the spirit of scholarly inebriation -

A U of R Political Safe Zone Update!

As you know, something is working when you've got the liberals mad - This is a letter to the U of R Campus Times & it looks like the College Republicans have gotten some people riled up. In the interests of full disclosure - The author, Jennifer n. Smith is the former U of R President of Amnesty International and an LSC ex-girlfriend.

Safe Zone campaign should be respected

What are the College Republicans doing parodying Safe Zone?

The Safe Zone campaign, initiated by the UR Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance, is a very real and very necessary project to help people who are transitioning into non-mainstream sexual culture. The people it is designed to protect are routinely the victims of harassment and hate crimes and who have oftentimes been unable to completely express themselves to their friends and families for the first 18 years of their lives.

The Safe Zone campaign originated as a grassroots project to organize safe spaces for people struggling with gender and sexual identity. The campaign has literally saved countless lives and is no laughing matter.

Do you know what makes me angry about the perversion of free speech? If you want to say something offensive and stupid and make everyone uncomfortable, I will fight tooth and nail to protect your speech, but you better sit still when I call you a racist or an idiot. That's the way real free speech works - you want to pull a stunt that makes minorities uncomfortable and completely misrepresents affirmative action?

Great! Now deal with everyone else exercising his or her speech.

-Jennifer n. Smith
Class of 2004

Sadly the only "laughing matter" in this is the thought of thousands of gays scampering from safe zone to safe zone across university campuses nationwide seeking to avoid "hate crimes" within those hotbeds of anti-gay violence - liberal arts universities.


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