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Friday, April 01, 2005

1. The Great Escape - "I was trying to cut through your wire so I could get out of here."
2. Planet of the Apes - "Damn you... damn you all to hell!"
3. Seems Like Old Times - "Eat the Chicken, Fred."
4. Any Sherlock Holmes film with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. "Why its elementary, dear Watson."
5. Signs - "Swing away"
6. Three Amigos - "Lip balm?"
7. Indiana Jones - "Why is it always snakes?"
8. Back to School - "Good answer. I'll be watching you."
9. The Court Jester (with Danny Kaye) - "Get it? Got it? Good."
10. Empire Strikes Back - "I'd rather kiss a wookie."
11. Stalag 17 - "For the first time, I like the odds."
12. Fletch - "It's all ball bearings these days."
13. Mister Roberts - "All Right... who did it? who did it?"
14. Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigalo "We prefer man-whore".
15. Ernest Goes to Jail - "Who would throw out a perfectly good dog?"
16. Animal House - "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
17. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - "He chose poorly"
18. Star Wars - "Your lack of faith disturbs me."
19. The Dirty Dozen - "You've got one religious maniac, one malignant dwarf, two near-idiots, and the rest I don't even wanna think about!"
20. The Jerk - "I am picking out a thermos for you."

Hon. Mention: Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Meet the Parents, Patton, Saving Private Ryan, The Caine Mutiny, Any Marx Bros. Movie., Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

I know, I will be the only guy who doesn't have "Caddyshack" on the list.

Yes, TJ. You missed Caddyshack. You also missed Stripes. Are you a guy?
Neither are in my top 20. However, I would give Stripes an honorable mention. Also, Time Bandits. I also forgot Holy Grail and Life of Brian. Grail is probably top 20 caliber. Life of Brian, top 25. "Blessed are the cheesemakers!?"
Your list sucks in an endless number of ways, but "He chose poorly" is one one of my favorite movie lines of all time.
If this is about Ernest goest to jail, I challenge you to a full and lengthy debate on that topic.

Jim Varney is the most misunderstood and under-appreciated actor of our generation. It is sad that you are too blinded by "convention" and "conventional wisdom" to appreciate his body of work.

Watch the movie. It is funny. Particularly the scene with the pen in the jury box.
Movie Favorites
Eight O'Clock Walk
The Postman
Debbie does Dallas
Clockwork Orange
of Mice and Men
Flash Gordon Series
Night Commers with Marlon Brando
(Am I the only one in the world who
has seen this movie?
Being John Malkovich
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
The Long Trailer with Desi and Luci
Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein
The Three Amigo's
Goodfella'sTime Bandits
Stop the world I want to get off
...and any educational film produced by the Air Force
1) Easy Rider
2) Apocolypse Now
3) Full Metal Jacket
4)A Bridge To Far
5) Last Exit to Brooklyn
6) Elephant
8) Zoolander
9) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
10) Supersize Me
11) Lost in Translation
12) The Warriors
13) 21 Grams
14) Best in Show
15) The Mighty Wind
16) Toy Story 1&2
17) Omega Man
18) Repo Man
19) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
20) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
21) Jaws
22) Shindlers List
23) Planet of the Apes(original)
24) The Passion of the Christ
25) To Kill a Mockingbird
26) Harold and Maude
27) Pretty in Pink
28) A Clockwork Orange
29) Taxi Driver
30) King Kong(70's one)
31) The Pink Panther
32) Ben-Hur
33) Pulp Fiction
34) Star Wars
35)American Graffiti
36) Willy Wonker
37) Mary Popins
38) Vertigo
39) The Harder They Come
40) Psycho
41) Saturday Night Fever
42) The Wizzard of Oz
43) Rocky Horror
44) Crouching Tger Hidden Dragon
45) uhhh thats it, I ran out, sure theres more though, an endless topic
1. The Passion of the Christ
2. The Passion of the Christ
3. The Passion of the Christ
Sorry but if there is an ounce of humanity in any of us this movie would have birthed it! Terry Shavio's judges should have been directed to view it before any rulings.
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