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Monday, April 11, 2005

Drill. Drill in the ocean. Drill in the plains. Drill in the Mountains. Drill in the lakes. Drill in my freakin' back yard. And for Pete's sake, drill in the tundra (I mean, Arctic Wildlife Refuge). Just drill.

I want gas to be $1.00 a gallon -- forever. Anything more is unexceptable -- and as far as I'm concerned the industry should find a way to increase productivity every year at a rate at least equal to inflation so that the price never crosses that $1.00 ceiling. It now costs me almost $40 to fill my WAGON. Don't even get me started on my extra large SUV. That's un-American and I won't stand for it.

If we can't have gas that cheap, then somebody better invent a fuel cell or a kick-butt battery or (as a father of three boys with an inexhaustable supply) a flatuelence cell or whatever.

And if we have to provide advancable gas tax rebates to get the price back to $1.00 than so be it.

Oh, and JPC, I wholeheartedly support LNG. But they wanted to put it in a small town on a penninsula with 1 cop and 4 volunteer fireman (one truck) and only one access road to the site. And did I mention that we really don't use natural gas up here in my blue state. That's right, the LNG wasn't for us, it was going to be shipped via pipeline to Canada!

Thank you and God Bless America.

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