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Friday, April 08, 2005
Its All Relative

Gasoline/gallon $2.25

Arizona Ice Tea/gallon $3.00

Coca Cola/gallon $3.20

Dasanti Water/gallon $3.20

Heinz Ketchup/gallon $7.07

Miller Beer/gallon $7.80

Prestone Brake Fluid/gallon $15.92

Listerine Mouth Wash/gallon $19.19

Fat Bastard Chardonnay/gallon $68.36

Comtrex Cough Syrup/gallon $103.00

Jack Daniels/gallon $115.74

KY Liquid/gallon $281.00

Liquid Paper/gallon $338.00

True, the most expensive place to take a date is a gas station.
With the exception of KY liquid, the only other item on your list that I would need more than a gallon of in...a week...month...or year is gasoline.
I hope I don't sound too stupid here, but whats KY liquid?
JPC -- god help your wife if you are buying KY by the gallon.

Mmark - either you are too studly to need it, or too selfish to care. Either way, god help your wife too.
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