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Saturday, April 02, 2005
John Paul II

It is difficult to imagine a better leader for the times that he served his people and the world in general. He was a true leader not just of the Catholic Church, but rather he was a stunningly effective presence on the world stage at a time when the scales of humanity were still very much balanced bewteen freedom and totalatarian communism. Reagan was certainly the heavy weight that kept up the side of freedom, but it was JPII that tipped the scales in freedom's favor.

My wife and I tried to explain the importance of the Pope to my children as they added him to their nightly prayers last night. I was pretty young when JPII became the Pope, and in essence like my children, he is the only Pope that I have ever known. My son was looking at pictures of the Pope throughout his life on the internet today when he pointed to one picture and he said "Dad, why is he shaking hands with that man in jail?" "That's the man who shot him," I said. "Then why is he shaking his hand?" my son asked. "He's forgiving him," I responded.

There are lessons in life, hopefully many, many lessons, that I will teach my children. Other lessons are likely only to be taught by figures much larger than I. Selfishly when I think of what the world has lost today, I think first of my children, and their loss of one such figure.

Nicely put Jason. It is only a matter of time before uglyness raises its head on the issue of the late Pope. Remember, there was no cable the last time, the 24 hour coverage is nothing less then pimping, and soon, as the advertising dollars dry up, it will turn ugly.
It is of that which I am quite certain.
There are many that hate us Catholics, and they will try and ruin his honor.
Mark, I hope your wrong, but this certainly seems like quite a start. Let's hope it remains an outlier. Terribly sick though - nice to see a bastion of the left again not failing to disappoint.
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