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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Just who does the AARP represent?

They are seriously pissing me off. They represent the one group of people who should have no say at all in Social Security reform. Under the President's very modest proposal, no one age 55 or older will even be eligible to participate in a private account program, and they are GARUNTEED continued participation in Social Security as is. So the AARP is spending money collected from Senior Citizens on a program that has NO EFFECT ON THEM WHATSOEVER. And they're then spending that money to try and scuttle a program that represents the only real chance that someone my age will ever see any of the money that that is extorted from me on a monthly basis.

The AARP is now added to the ever growing list of parties that I consider my financial opposition - the people that are trying to take my money and offer me nothing in return. It's not OK.

The AARP has been a con for a long time. They have as much respect in my world as do the Gerber company selling life insurance for kids. There job as lobbyists, has been reversed from its probable original intent. Instead of being a lobby group(like a union) for older folks, they now sell there endorsements to the highest bidders. Who do you think is behind there coverage of the SS remorm?
I am a government employee, so I have the Thrift Savings Plan, and I can contribute quite a bit of my income too it, or none at all, my choice. I love it, its fun and I'm making serious money, sometimes losing, but generally making.
So isn't my program kind of like the proposed plan? I don't have to invest a dime, but I choose to. If I do chose to, I can pick from a number of funds, including the safe one(saving bond kind of thing), or the riskier ones(international). It's my choice.
If I'm wrong correct me, but the President is proposing that tax paying citizens under the age of 55 get to do the same thing, and if they don't want to , they don't have too.
Why is this confusing??
signed, MMark
Former Combat Arms Soldier who opted for a desk job.
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