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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Holy Father - he continues to remain in my prayers. Please say a prayer for the College of Cardinals. I have been watching CNN's coverage of the funeral (I don't have Fox News in my office). I'll scream if Christine Amanpour or any other of their Airheads asks one more cleric as to whether the Cardinals are going to chose a Pope that is "more representative of the people of the Catholic Church" or "more willing to be more 'modern' thinking". This seems to be the liberal, non-Catholic flavor of the day. The Post has been littered with this type of editorializing - I don't think that they can publish an article about the Pope that doesn't raise the sex-scandal, nor do they miss an opportunity to ask whether the Cardinals are going to choose a Pope that is willing to address (what they consider) the most import issues of women priests, pro-choice catholics, abortion, and priests being allowed to marry. To the mainstream liberal media, two most important points: One, you don't get to set the agenda for the Church. The Catholic population doesn't get to set the agenda for the Church. It has a much longer history, and better understanding of history, people, and its doctrines than you. And it will survive longer than any of us, our organizations or governments. Two, it is not a democracy. Period.

on AARP - Can't stand them. It is considered the second largest organization in the U.S. second only to the Roman Catholic Church. Their use of scare tactics and mistruths puts most liberal organizations to shame. My parents get a kick out of me throwing out all the seniors propoganda when I visit their home.

on Hanoi Jane - I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. I agree that she doesn't regret visiting with the North Vietnamese soldiers and the anti-aircraft guns, that she only regrets that she was photographed. I think she is on a marketing tour. Perhaps with no access to Ted's bank account she needs some cash.

on Gas/Oil prices - I'll take this one. I'm glad you took my advice on pre-purchasing your fuel. Futures are coming down. I would expect gas prices to come down a bit, probably in the fall, but not too much. I wouldn't be surprised that it settles at around $2.15 gallon. The average from the mid-80's until last year was around $1.35. Meaning of course that prices have been very competitive for years and that the oil and gas industry supplies reliable dependable, relatively inexpensive energy source that fuels two-thirds of the global economy. People don't like the oil and gas industry, don't want us to produce domestically or import, but want to drive gas guzzling SUVs and not have the price of gas increase - EVER. Like the pharmaceutical industry, people perceive the oil/gas industry as a necessary evil. No one wants new drilling anywhere in the U.S. The public and the enviros have worked the legislators and the regulators and have made it more and more difficult to extract and supply fuel - even bringing in imports is becoming difficult. Add to it that the industry has been consolidated with companies growing globally, the growth of production in central asia and other parts of the world, and the huge increases in demand by growing economies in China and India - all which are going to drive prices for imported crude and refined products higher and higher. So we are finding it harder and harder to access domestic supplies (there is a tremendous amount of supply all over the U.S. and off shore that has been fenced off) and imports are more expensive or not being allowed in (Like TIBS, many NIMBY people are fighting the siting of Liquid Natural Gas facilities). Jay - current efforts in New England to dramatically reduce sulfur in home heating oil are going to drive prices up too. Frankly, I don't think we've seen the end to higher prices. The same is happening in the electricity industry. They have the NIMBYism with siting and most of the new electricity generation comes from natural gas so your electricity prices are going to increase too. Prices could easily get worse. I don't think we've seen the entire affect on our economy. But on the other hand, the public gets what the deserve and frankly, I don't see why people are complaining so much when the price has remained so stable for so long. And yes, Horrors! the industry is finally realizing profits, despite many years of lagging many other sectors, losses or minimal profits. Profits are such an easy target at which to take a cheapshot. I'd be remiss if I didn't at least raise the point.

Sports - I'm missing the typical run up to the end of the season in the NHL and the playoffs. If you want to watch a great sporting event, the NCAA hockey championship is on ESPN at 7pm Saturday night (North Dakota vs. University of Denver). Excited about baseball this year. Torn between my lifelong fanaticism with my beloved Cardinals and following the new Washington Nationals.

Golf - I might be up for a golf weekend. I have part of a season ticket package to the Nats, so if SCG wants to do a baseball weekend or baseball-golf weekend, I could provide four tix to a game.

I remain JPC.

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