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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

To me this is just an impossible topic - too many options. All your lists are flawed in my opinion, but I'm not prepared to generate my own list, so what can I say?

TJ, it's not that you enjoyed Deuce Bigolo or Ernest goes wherever, but top 20? Have you lost it man?

Uncle Maggie, I give you props for ClockWork Orange (no Liquid Sky?), but Waterworld? Even The Postman is questionable (really any Cosner movie not involving baseball).

Mark, Props for Repo Man, and Mega props for Omega Man (no Soilent Green?), but Supersize Me? I mean why not Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 while you're at it? And Pretty in Pink? Top 30? C'mon Sally get real.

And in my mind any list not containing The French Connection, Animal House AND Caddyshack is deeply flawed. For me, Blade Runner and North By Northwest are also mandatory (hat tip on the Vertigo Mark). What else? Why not a Bond movie? What about 2001? Dr. Strangelove? IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE?

Impossible topic.

Clockwork Orange is one of the most disturbing movies of all time. Not on any of my top lists.

You guys are leaving out an entire genre of films: the "freedom loving American kicks your Nazi/Commie ass" movie.

There are so many WWII flicks to choose from, and for more modern fare we have to give a shout out to Red Dawn.


(And none of the America-is-bad Vietnam flicks count.)
Its not too often I'm called a Sally, but I sort of like it.
O.K. maybe Supersize me was a mis-pick, but I have not eaten fast food in over five months, you should watch it.

Big miss with Animal House.

Michael Moore makes a different kind of list, one which is often prosecuted if discussed on blogs.

Pink Floyd the Wall, c'mon, we thought it was better then the Bible in the day.

Yes to Caddy Shack, an important moment in film.
I missed many, but Pretty in Pink stays..."What's he wearing...a pink sweater, white shirt, blue jeans and red shoes...NO he's not retarded!!" Classic stuff.
1. I know Fast Food is bad for me. It's insulting that someone feels they need to share that information with me. Eating a Big Mac and large fries three times a day is bad for you. That's news? That's a movie?

2. I never dissed The Wall and agree it belongs in the conversation.

3. Pretty in Pink still overexposes your sensitive side Mary.
OK, I will yeild to you and admit that Supersize Me probably did not belong on the list.
Pretty in Pink was hysterical. Unless I'm confusing it with some other movie. It was the one with Molly Ringwold as the sister of a girl getting married, and her grand parents come to the house with there Japanese exchange student. On the other side of the movie is Anthony Michael Hall and his geek squad of friends and there quest to score chicks. It's a 1980's classic.
One more prop to Anthony Michael Hall and his movie weird science, another 80's classic.
The Breakfast Club is a femine side movies, and I hate it.
Weird science is definitely a classic. I can't believe I forgot it. Chet was my favorite character, especially when they turned him into that alien looking thing.

The list isn't "best" movies of all time. It is "favorite" movies of all time. You can say I am an idiot ("you're an idiot"), but if the choice is between Its a Wonderful life and Deuce Bigalo, I am watching Deuce Bigalo every time.

One other movie I forgot to mention, Pee Wee's Big Adventure. That is another classic. My kids love it too, so it is inter-generational.
"Pee Wee's Big Adventure. That is another classic. My kids love it too..."

Oh yeah, your kids are going places.
I have to back up TJ on this one. Pee Wee's Big Adventure was hilarious. I agree that it is inter-generational. It wasn't until I was married for two years before I found out my wife loves it too.
You haven't seen my kids do the Tequila dance.
Never let Pee Wee Herman hold
the pop-corn in a darkened movie theater, never-ever!
I did however visit at the height of his career Pee Wee's giant TV Studio in NYC.
Three movies that should have been on my list after Water World and The Postman... Would be "War, What is it good for", "Blame it on the rain" and "The Girl from Misk".
The last title should read "The Girl from MINSK". Misk is a relatively small mall, just out side Minsk and it is where my parents first met. Sorry for any confusion.
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