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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
THE Pope's Nazi Past

I understand there is an element of interest in this part of the Pope's life. But it seems to me that the Pope doesn't have a "Nazi past". He wasn't a Nazi. He was a German, who was forced to join the Hitler Youth and later drafted into the German army. His desertion from the Germany army was an act of great moral and physical courage. If he were caught as a deserter, he would have been shot.

If there were evidence that he agreed with the Nazi's, or participated (even unwillingly) in atrocities or war crimes, that would be a different story. But that isn't the case.

I, personally, think it is a good thing that he has looked into the face of evil. If anything, he understands that even ordinary and otherwise decent people can do evil things, when good people fail to act. That seems to be a lesson that many people never learned.

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