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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Rx Prices

No comment from J on the AARP report that prescription drug prices increased 7.1% over the previous year??

AARP also claims that prescription drug prices have increased 35.1% since 1999 or three times the 13.5% of inflation.

Between you and I and my brother that works selling tobacco, we have all the "evil business" bases covered.

I have no-respect for the aarp, they are for the most part fear moungers. But does it make someone a liberal if they admit that prescription drug prices are unfairly high in the USA? All one need do is look at canada or india, even mexico to see that. We are being ganked because we are a super rich nation. If I lived a bit closer to canada I would get mine there, if I took any, and if mine wern't free, but other then that, i would go over.
Uh, MMark, Our prescription drug prices are high becaue WE are subsidizing the Canadian, Europeans, etc., etc., etc.

They have price controls which means that somebody has to make up the difference -- and that somebody is you and me.

Drug companies sell to these countries with price controls because those prices at least cover the marginal cost of producing the products. What the price cap amounts don't cover is any significant amount of the fixed costs -- overhead, R&D, sunk costs on products that never make it to market, etc.

The problem isn't with us, the problem is with socialized medicine.
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