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Friday, April 29, 2005
Venezuela: one more thing to deal with....

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - 4/27/05 Telephone callers at Venezuela's oil ministry are getting the low-down on the country's oil strategy direct from President Hugo Chavez.

"What is the reason for the imperialist aggression against our country? Venezuela is the world's top oil reserve and the world's oil is running out," the short, repeated recording of a recent Chavez speech tells phoners as their call is put on hold and transferred internally.

Chavez, a left-wing nationalist who repeatedly accuses the "imperialist" United States of plotting to invade Venezuela and seize its oil, has ordered an overhaul of foreign oil contracts he says are "looting" the world's No. 5 oil exporter.

In the recording, Chavez does not explain why the United States would need to invade Venezuela to grab its oil as the South American country has for years shipped more than half of its oil production to its northern neighbor. It still does.

Chavez, who frequently accuses President Bush's administration of trying to topple and kill him, has warned the United States that "not a drop" of oil will flow north if Washington tries to harm him or invade the country.

U.S. officials calls these charges "ridiculous," but they describe Chavez as an anti-U.S. troublemaker and criticize his cozy relation with Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Any suggestions on how the U.S. could handle this situation? I'm thinking that I may know what some are going to say....

We, the United States, have a small group of elite men who are specifically trained to illiminate problems such as this. I'm pretty sure he knows this. The worst part is surely not the seconds before death, but the paranoia if you suspect its comingI'm pretty sure that he's worrying for no reason, as I think his life is in no danger from the USA. Probably just a self confidence issue, as he doesn't get invited to Crawford to openly flirt with George Bush(I say screw gay Saudi traditions, your in Texas now.
So my solution to this non-issue would be to just let this little man play out the rest of his life looking around every corner and hiring extra security details that wouldn't help anyway.
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