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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yes, that topic again. I can not believe that Florida is allowing a 13 year old to make the decision by herself to have an abortion. It turns out that the state Department of Children & Family Services is the legal guardian, and the state has a statute that "In no case shall the department consent to sterilization, abortion or termination of life support."

Of course, this is Florida. The court found that the constitutional right of abortion belongs to the girl, even if the parents and/or Child/Family services object. 13 years old.

That's why it's good that in late April, the House passed a bill which will make it a federal crime for any adult to take a girl (should I say 'child'?) 17 or under across state lines to get an abortion. Further, it will require doctors who perform abortions to comply with notification laws from the girls' home state, which means in some cases notifying her parents in person. Also, it would impose a 24-hour waiting period on minors, whether their parents are with them or not.

Is this 'Extreme' or 'Radical'? I just think it's highly sensible.

I believe truely that all cases of abortion, even rape and incest, are acts of homicide.
I am catholic, go figure.
This argument, is unwinable.
I think it's murder, someone nextdoor spends there thursdays wearing a road guard vest escorting soon to be murders into a clinic.
Right from wrong can't be forced on a person or culture, it won't work. We see this in the middle east, in the issues of womens rights.
Best just to focus on more positve things, and leave the 13 year old girls fate to those that are willing to stand in front of the man and answer for it.
You want to know irony? In the state of Illinois, a minor cannot get a tattoo without parental consent.

What a world.
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