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Monday, May 02, 2005
Australian Kidnapped

I'm pleased so far with PM Howard's response -- he won't negotiate with terrorists. My suggestion -- is to announce that in response to the kidnapping you will increase the number of Aussie troops by 1,000. If they kill him, you will increase it by 5,000. If they kidnap another Australian, 10,000.

Raise the stakes and they will stop playing this game. How disgusting is it that they believe this sort of tactic will force the West to withdraw?

Unfortunately, for too many of our allies (ahem - Spain... and to a lesser extent Italy) -- they've already surrendered to sissification. Not the Australians, thankfully.

Remember this guy when you are reading column after column about how bad it was in Abu Greb.

Try to think of it like a game of chess. They just captured a what? We've got two queens, both our rooks, and a pissed off king.
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