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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My brother has returned, thankfully safely, from his deployment in the Middle East. He flew dozens of missions logging about 100 hours of airtime. He sent me and my family a US flag that was flown aboard his aircraft during a mission into Baghdad on January 30th - Election Day in Iraq. The flag is now hanging in my home. I put it up yesterday with my children. He described the two missions he flew that day as very tense and bit surreal. As you may recall, a British transport plane was shot down that day, and their second flight was delayed briefly as they were "re-briefed" on what they might encounter in various sections of their flight path. He said they took more small arms fire than usual, but that it otherwise went smoothly and successfully. He commented that everyone knew just how important that day was - you could feel it. As I contemplated that, and the thought of the "usual" amount of small arms fire, it occurred to me (though not for the first time) just how proud I am of my brother and all our servicemen and women. It is unlikely that I will ever do anything in my lifetime as brave and outright heroic as what they now do every day.

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