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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Bastards and Heroes

Some people look at this picture and see the US soldier as the bad guy. By his very presence in Iraq, he creates the environment for this to happen.

Other people look at this and see the US soldier as the good guy, fighting against the evil men who would target innocent men, women and children.

That first group of people would have the American soldier pack up and leave the future of Iraq in the hands of these mad, homicidal lunatics. The second group of people support the current policy -- sticking it out until self-government in secure, the Iraqi army is well trained and prepared, and the Iraqi people can fully stand on their own two feet.

Ask yourself: Which group are you in? Who are the bastards and who are the heroes?

This is a much more difficult question to answer then you would assume. If you have sat in your livingroom throughout the war, you might stand up and say the soldier is the bad guy, and if he/she were not there then the young child might not have been injured or killed. One the other hand, if you sat in your living room throughout the war you might say that the soldier is there to save the child, and this violence is better then Sadam's tourture chambers and rape rooms.
Now if you have not spent the war in your living room, and actually know the uncomfortable feeling of seeing people killed, and hearing a round bounce off your unarmored humvee, then you might steer away from the evil or good nature of the question and just see a soldier, regardless of there political view, doing there job.
Thats just my opinion though.
I think it is a profoundly moral mission and one the soldiers should be very proud of -- that's my point. The people we are fighting are targeting innocent people for slaughter. Our soldiers are working to protect them and give them self-government and security. I think it would be reprehensible to walk away from this job before it is completed.
TJ said "I think it is a profoundly moral mission and one the soldiers should be very proud of..."

I believe they are.
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