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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I attended the President's event on social security here in Rochester this morning. A couple thoughts:

* The President really knows how to work a crowd. He was warm, funny and kept things very simple.
* My wife mentioned that the President sounds a lot less intelligent on the radio than he does on television (she saw some of the event on local television). I'd have to say that I can see how this would be the case -- in person he is very engaged, and engaging, and he is very, very funny. He is able to connect with individual people in the audience, so you really get the sense that he is talking to people rather than just at them.
* One of the people on stage speaking on the subject of social security was a kid from Canisius College. The President asked him if he had all A's and the kid hemmed and hawwed... Bush said, "Don't worry, with an academic record like that you are fully qualified to be President of the United States." Very funny.
* Tim Penny, former US Rep from Minnesota (Democrat) was there with the President. Back in the early 1990s when I was working on the hill, he was frequently teamed up with John Kasich to push for some fiscal sanity in Congress. It was interesting that I had never, ever heard his name mentioned relative to the Bush social security reforms. You would think that his participation would be a big story, given his party affiliation.
* I saw a few protestors outside when I was walking back to my car. They were complaining that they had water sprayed on them -- turns out a local homeowner who didn't want them on his lawn turned his hose on them and sprayed them until they left his lawn. It should be all over the T.V.'s tonight. We are looking to give that guy some sort of proclamation.

On another note: thanks to all of you for the kind words about my dad. My brother was married in NYC this weekend and I think everyone is doing great. It was a tough couple weeks, but your kind words (and especially your prayers) helped immeasurably.

So I took your post as less of a opinion on SS reform, and more as a George Bush in person/televison/radio type of thing..which makes me happy, because although I try to appear intelligent, I am really quite shallow and vacuous.
On Bush in person.T.V. I agree. When he spoke recently at Calvin Colleges commencement he made a joke about the mastery of the english language, and not to worry, look where he was....
Anyway, good post, sort of like political Entertainment...
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