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Monday, May 30, 2005


And let's all say a prayer for the men and women serving at home and abroad... we owe you guys.

As a veteran first let me thank you for the well wishes...they mean so much more than people know to veterans and those currently serving.

Now remember that you owe us nothing...except simple respect for serving and understanding that we service is selfless. There is a difference between the kids who serve to get the college money and those that are career professionals...BUT even the latter are heroes, they just realize that they have a different destiny in life. the others heard their calling and serve for other reasons. The bottom line is that we do it for the greater good and for intangible reasons that cannot be understood unless you have been "called". It is selfless service. We don't ask for anything in return, we don't do it for money or thanks...we do it because we have an innate desire to serve...the nation, our people, and our ideals and principles. For all the flaws we have the greatest nation and everyone even in a small way wants to be part of what we have.

The profession of arms is indeed a profession, a job, but it is one that derives it's nature from a greater being than ourselves. There are soldiers here that are too young to ever have to see and do the things they do. If you lay this conflict and the warriors of today over the "Greatest Generation" their sacrifices are the same, their experiences are the same in the big picture. But they ALL serve and do it without regard for their internal strife (if they have any) and they do it because they all know that in the end game the result will be freedom...and that is something we all wish for the world.

So thank a soldier and thank a veteran but remember you don't "owe" us because we do it for the love of God and country...and that love is unconditional and selfless...
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