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Friday, May 27, 2005
John Warner - Turncoat, Virginia

Warner cost the GOP a Senate seat by weighing in against Oliver North in his race against Chuck Robb back in 1994. Now he has added this to his resume. What a preening fool.

The Dems play hardball -- and time will show that they did not deal in good faith. But I'm sure that Warner and his colleagues will enjoy the media adulation they receive... I just don't know if it is worth it.

Also, now that the "tradition" of judicial filibusters is established... anyone want to bet how long it would take a Democrat senate to dump this venerable tradition if they ever win the White House (or Senate) again? Don't hold your breath.

Oh the Democrats keep hanging themselves on their own filibusters. Why should be fight to eliminate the filibuster? It helps Republicans. In 1960, during Nixon's presidency Republicans were about to pass a law that would have eliminated the outdated Electoral College system. Almost all the Republicans were on board - and a few Democrats from Western States. It would have passed, and President Nixon would have signed it. But - and the Southern "Dixie Crats" filibustered it. They were afraid would would give too much power to Southern blacks. Shameful.

Fast forward to 2000 - George Bush wins based on getting more electoral college votes than Al Gore, despite being 500k votes behind in the popular vote - ushering in 8 years of Republican enlightenment.

Oh those liberals whine endlessly about the electoral college now... well they can thank their own dearly beloved filibuster for that.
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