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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
TJ Doctrine

TJ, I like your Australian plan. It's perfect.

I hereby submit my T.I.B.S. Corollary to the TJ Doctrine:

Any, and I mean any, weapon of mass destruction that is used on American soil will be met exactly 6 hours later with the complete and utter destruction of Muslim holy sites. Since this is the only thing that the terrorists seem to care about, it's this war's equivalent of a MAD doctrine.

The 6 hour window will allow all civilians to evacutate the area, so no moral problem there.


Also, I'd like some feedback on the Kennedy Doctrine, which as you know is that for every American that is beheaded our soldiers will take embarassing "America's Funniest Home Videos-like" movies of 10 terrorists.

These terrorists will be made to look at pictures of hot chicks, will be forced to engage in wheelbarrel races and will be subject to hours of watching Almazar the Magnificent make animal figures out of balloons.

I know, I know, harsh stuff. But it is a war and the bad guys are intent on killing every last one of us.

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