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Monday, June 06, 2005
First Wave At Omaha Beach

Read this account of Omaha beach. Harrowing.

Of course, if it happened today, we would be asking the President to remove IKE because the military got so much went wrong. The bombs overshot their mark, leaving our men sitting ducks on the beach. The men were overloaded, leaving hundreds (maybe thousands) to drown. The intelligence about defense strength were way off base.

Of course, we understood things a lot differently then. And we knew who our real enemies were -- and being an American came ahead of being a Republican or Democrat.

TJ - a very sobering read. If that battle happened today, God only knows how fast MSM and the Dems in Congress would insist on ending things right there.
The reality is, war is full of uncertainty. I think it is fair to call D-Day the most well planned military operation in the history of warfare (even today). Everything was planned. The soliders knew every part of the beach. But just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Why did it succeed? Individual soldiers made decisions outside of the plan -- in short, they improvised. And they didn't give up when things got hard -- real hard.

They understood what was at stake -- not just at the command level, but at the level of the individual soldier. Failure was not an option.

As Churchill once said, "never have so many owed so much to so few".
Things went well in wwII becuase the people who believed in the cause signed up for service, some with fradulant enlistments because they were only 16 years old. I remind all of you who have not yet done there military part in the war on terror that the national guard has raised there age of acceptance from 35 to one day before your 40th birthday. All you have to do is call 1-800-goguard, or visit there website at and you will be put in touch with your local recruiter.
I am famiiar with the family and work excuse, its very popular, but I assure you there are many people overseas fighting with loved ones and a great job. In fact, I'm even more confident that the out of the million plus guys in wwII that some of them had families and a job also.
Your excuse it not valid until age 40.
Mark - I agree with you, more people should sign up for the military. Anyone who signs up for the National Guard is doing a great service to his/her country.

I know that Braveheart is a patriot -- he told me so -- so I think you will get at least one new recruit!

And I think Skip is really giving it some thought -- as long as the don't ask, don't tell policy is in effect, he should be able to serve proudly.

The photo of Sip drinking a swirlee, is probably enough to keep him out of most branches of the service, however. There might be some sort of special regiment for guys like that.
I'm waiting for Braveheart's response... I know it is coming.

By the way, I like the nickname -- much better than Anonymous.
Thanks for offering up Sip, but I'm afraid Sip, if the swirlie pic comes to light, will be a pdq. Permenantly disqualified.

What kind of physical condition do you have to be in to join the guard at age 40? I'm in pretty good condition for my age - but I'm not as strong as I was in my 20's.
You have to meet the height and weight standards(basically just not be obese), and you have to be able to do 10 push-ups, 13 situps, and run one mile in like 25:00. You have to have no serious physical aliements, basically not taking or dependent on any prescription medications. You must meet the legal requirements. This is a big grey area, as we can get most people in as long as the crime does not involve a large sum of money, is a sexual crime, or a crime resulting in a murder charge.
If you are married with three or more kids, divorced or otherwise responsible for the child support or physical custody of more then three children under 18 or a dependant adult you require a waiver which is at state level and very easy to get.
If you are a non-high school graduate your are ineligble without a ged.
Remeber, if you are already 40 you are not qualified unless you are prior-service. You must be at least one day before your 40th b-day when you swear in.
Really is that all? just 10 pushups and 13 situps? Wow. Is that for old geezers like me? Or is that the requirement for all enlistees? I assume that by the time they send you into battle you can do more than 13 situps.

Also if someone wanted to get in as an officer, and they have lots of corporate management experience ( in a technical field like engineering or computers )- what would they have to do? Go to officer school? And at what level could you enter? Do you have to start off as a lieutenant?
It depends on the age and sex of the soldier as far as the push-up and sit-up..goes. For someone close to 40 it would be in the range I described.
Your education would(if you have completed a bachlors) allow you to come into the army national guard as enlisted-4, not a bad rank. Before I started recruiting i was in an infantry platoon with a chem- eng who was like boo-co loaded, but he was very happy with his service.
The officer process is much different and much more complicated. For the most part(unless you are a doctor or well needed PH.d) you need to be below the age of thirty. That is not to say that once enlisted you can not apply for Officers Canidate School, as this is a much more realistic goal for a 30+ guy wishing to be an officer.
The enlisted are the core of the army. I am enlisted, and am very proud to be. We are not decision makers but do-er's. It suites my personality well.
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