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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stallone announced a new Rambo movie. With the war on terror in full swing, it wouldn't be too hard to gin up a good patriotic, kick some terrorist behind flick.

No big surprise, though -- the enemies in this latest Rambo are not islamic terrorists at all -- but white supremacists.

I have been thinking about posting about this subject (media/entertainment being AWOL in the war on Terror) ever since reading this article from the Adventures of Chester website.

It isn't a huge surprise that hollywood would avoid portraying our real enemies in a negative light (fear of pickets and boycotts and negative press). In the past, they went so far as to change the plot of a Tom Clancy book to make the bad guys racists rather than islamic terrorists. At least this time, they waved the white flag of surrender to the forces of political correctness right from the start.

Can anybody think of a post- September 11th movie from a major studio that featured islamic fanatics as major bad guys? (I don't know if Team America would count -- and anyway, the main bad guy was Korean! Unless you count Sean Penn). While we are on the subject -- has anybody seen any sort of dramatization of September 11th? I think there was one -- but I can't name it. It certainly wasn't a major studio effort, and I think it appeared on lifetime or something like that.

This war has already lasted longer than WW2 and I can name dozens of movies that dramatized the war effort -- and celebrated the heroism of the American Armed Forces.

Yes, I understand -- war and war movies are two different things. But I get the feeling that we don't recognize our enemy the same way we did in the 1940s. And I have to wonder why that is... and what is the consequence? If RAMBO (for god's sake -- Rambo!) can't go after the islamofacists and terrorists -- who can?

We should just end the charade and make the next villain Antonin Scalia -- Rambo can take him on to preserve affirmative action or some such thing.

Not a movie, but "24" on Fox fit the bill nicely in my opinion. They had their moments of requisite PCism, but for the most part it was a pretty dead-on portrayal of warped Islamo-fanatacism.
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