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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Boston Globe reported today that John Kerry has finally relented and released his full military records. Problem is, that isn't true on several levels.

First, Kerry only released records to Mike Kranish, the Boston Globe reporter who carried water for his campaign for the past four years. Other reporters -- those who aren't in the Senator's pocket and would be far more likely to challenge the Kerry spin -- do NOT have access to these records, nor does the public.

Ask yourself, why weren't those records released to everyone? Why just the Globe? Why did Kerry take so long for his staff to "go through the records" and identify what was relevant? What, exactly, was irrelevant?

Second, it seems clear from the story that Kerry did not actually release his full records. Where, for example, are the 'after action reports?"

The smokescreen that has been released is that Kerry didn't want people to know he was a poor student. Please. Many people on the right seem to be buying that answer. I don't. I think they were in need of an explanation as to why he didn't release the records and this is one that wouldn't really cause him any damage (if anything, his campaign might argue it makes him more of a regular guy, like Bush).

I don't know why I care, since Kerry's campaign is dead in the water anyway. It is kind of like watching the Pataki campaign... you know the ending, but it is interesting to watch how the whole thing comes crashing down around them. Although, in fairness, Pataki was probably way better looking than Kerry in college.

What bothers me most is that the MSM is so easily played by Democrats. Can you imagine if Bush released his records to Fox News only and said, "I've made my records public!" Yeah, I am sure he could easily get away with that.

Before any of you lefties suggest that he did too make his records public, please visit this site, the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo. Request a copy of the good Senator's records -- make sure to ask for all of 'em. It will be a long wait at your fax machine.

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