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Friday, June 10, 2005

Saw ROTS for the second time. This time with my son, Jack. There was something pretty cool about going to see a Star Wars movie at the theater with my son. He is just a little younger than I was when the first Star Wars came out. We saved the movie tickets and all.

On the second viewing, I found the movie much, much less enjoyable. We are invested in very few characters (Yoda/Obi Wan) but more because of what we know of them in the past (well, future really) than what they are in this movie. The characters were flat. The dialogue horrible. The special effects were great, but so over the top all the time that it was more like watching somebody's class project in CGI school than a movie.

Best moment - Vader in full regalia looking over at Emperor and asking about Padme. It was the first time you ever hear Vader (in costume anyway) expressing any sort of compassion for anybody. The moment Vader starts breathing with the mask is pretty cool and happens just before.

Worst moment - Everything from there on out was terrible. Vader breaking out of the shackles like Frankenstein. Screaming NOOOOOOO when learning of Padme's fate.

Something tells me that Star Wars isn't going to have the same impact on my son as it did for me. No box full of action figures. No cards. No Millenium FREAKIN Falcon. We may have a lightsaber at some point, but nothing is for certain.

Yes, I am a world class nerd. You are lucky I didn't see Hitchhikers' Guide yet.

I have the opposite going on in my household. I saw the "first" three movies as a child and teen, and while I enjoyed them, couldn't see what all the hoopla was about. I haven't seen Episodes 1-3.

My sons have seen only Star Wars and Episode 1 and are totally flipped out over the movies and have read the books. They have a bunch of the action figures, light sabers, crap and more crap, and one recently received the Darth Vader mask with Voice Changer for his birthday. After hearing for the Nth time "This guy is a good guy and he does this in the movie." and "Dad, who is stronger, Vader or Obi Wan? I mean, a young Obi Wan versus Vader in his prime?" I have to screm that no one is allowed to talk about Star Wars around Dad for the rest of the day.

I can't wait for it to end.
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