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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Supporting our Troops... Just like in Vietnam

Still waiting to hear patriotic Democrats denouncing this sort of hate speech.

I guess they are too busy demanding Rove's resignation while their supporters are working to keep our military from recruiting on college and high school campuses.

Hat tip: Malkin

Thanks for covering this, it is a real issue.
If you would like to see a full list of this nations growing anti-recruitment go to and you will easily find a link to them all. There are few states without one.
The funny thing is that they counter claims of mis-truths by recruiters with mis-truths about recruiters.
It almost makes me wish there was a draft, just for revenge. They are so ignorant about issues that they fail to realize that recruiters are this nations first line of defense against a draft.
By the way, Mark posted a list of these "useful idiot" organizations last month on his blog which you can find here.
Mark - your site is disturbing in so many ways. Great work! Let's see if one of the tech savvy SCG's can put a link to your site from ours. I'm not sure why we haven't done that already.
Of course his site, as brilliant as it is, disturbs you. He is a military recruiter, a part of a group who are the most famous liars in the country.
Answer honestly...would you allow him and your 20 year old daughter to talk on a regular basis? Nothing sexual implied, they could be meeting at the Waffle House, but if you knew, would you let him just sit and talk with her?
The answer is NO of course, because you understand, conservative or Democrat, that he is nothing more then a well dressed stalker.
He spots them, befriends them, enlists them, and then sends them into the battle that you all are supporting at the moment.
So what your saying, is that 20 year old chicks dig me?
Let me say, without hesitation, that Mark is not allowed near my daughter - at any age.

I can say with confidence however, that he has done more for his country than you ever will- pinhead.
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