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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Has TJ Turned to the Dark Side???

"It provides great propaganda for our enemies"

Isn't this what we've been railing against liberals for doing? Crazy Islamo-Facists don't blow themselves up because Tom Tancredo mentioned in a talk show interview that blowing up Mecca might be a good idea if the US were fact it's not a bad idea (I better be careful or next TJ might advocate 'understanding' and 'restraint' - j/k - of course). They don't blow themselves up because of Gitmo or Iraq or Israel. They do it because they are crazy, evil and stupid.

Just because the Terrorists are crazy doesn't mean we should cater to their madness. This rush not to 'offend' or provide 'propoganda' comes from the same misguided do-gooderism that brought us the Koran 'abuse' scandal. The Koran is a book - it doesn't require a mylar sheath more suited to a Superman #1 or a Mickey Mantle rookie card. To admit anything else is to validate their extremeist hateful worldview. To compare - what would your opinion of the Allies be if they didn't allow Jewish jailors for Nazi war criminals because it was offensive to their worldview?

We have to get past two basic misconceptions: First - that any sort of 'insensitivity' we show amounts to a great propaganda coup. These people believe in the Protocols of Zion - a little thing called the truth isn't going to get in the way of being whipped into a religious frenzy. Even if we required our women to wear burkas and stoned adulterers, I'm sure they would still find some reason to hate us. Second, that their views on 'religion' have any actual moral or legitimate basis. When the coordinator of the Colorado Muslim Council parrots with indignation that Tancredo needs to "watch (his) words when it comes to religious sites and texts" I think Gitmo's catering staff should order up another plate of Lemon Fish. If you think Tancredo's comments or any other belligerent threats make the War on Terror "harder" (Council on American-Islamic Relations) your attempts to 'reason' with suicide bombers and religious fanatics are obviously more successful than mine. They are crazy first and religious second, not the other way around.

This is just another attempt to neuter our outrage and anger. We are at war - it's time to act like it!

Except for the fact that, by far, our biggest allies in the fight for freedom in Iraq are the Iraqi people themselves. A better analogy would be that the British threatened to blow up the Vatican if Italy attacked them during World War II. Not a great message to send to American Catholics fighting for British freedom. Likewise, it makes no sense to poke decent muslims in the eye. That isn't the same as kowtowing to PC police on the war on terror. Our enemies are Islamists, that's true. But I don't agree that it follows that Islam is our enemy.
Keep thinking that Chris, and leave the war fighting to those that know how, we respect your opinion.

To continue further... I think it is important to distinguish between (a) actions and rhetoric that is integral to the war on terror and (b) actions and rhetoric that is irrelevant to the war on terror. In the case of Fallujah, clearing insurgents out of mosques, GITMO interrogations, etc... I completely agree that we need to be forceful and not run a PC version of the war on terror. Some people are going to complain, take offense, etc... it is a war, get over it.

I just don't see how this kind of over-the-top rhetoric from our leaders is helpful to the war on terror. Is it helpful to talk tough -- sure. But do our enemies REALLY believe that we are going to bomb mecca? I doubt it. So there is no deterrent effect. Furthermore, the predictable thing that is going to happen is that the political community is going to bend over backwards saying how much we LOVE muslims over the next two weeks and Islam means Peace, etc... This just makes us look wishy washy and weak. For the record, I'm not saying Islam means peace. I'm saying that we have allies who are islamic and we should treat them with a measure of respect.

If you want to "get tough" with our enemies... don't say you want to bomb mecca -- say it is time to over throw the dictators and terror supporters in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. That sends a nice strong message AND it is a message that our allies in Iraq can appreciate. Will this be equated with a war on Islam... perhaps.

All statements like this do is shift the ground we are fighting on. We aren't fighting about what islam is or should be. What we are actually fighting against (or should be) are muslim fanatics and the governments and leaders who provide them with support, encouragement and resources. On to Tehran!

Two other things:
1. I am expecting to get some nasty e-mails claiming the phrase "kowtowing" from my earlier post is offensive.
2. Do you mean to imply that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is actually fiction? My right wing world view is shattered. I will have to re-evaluate keeping this book beside my bed along with my copy of Catchers in the Rye.
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