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Monday, July 18, 2005
A Man After MMark's Heart

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) says we should threaten to bomb mecca.

Is he reading the Golden Boy's website or something?

For the record, I think this is a dumb thing to say. It provides great propaganda for our enemies and he should make it clear that it was a dumb thing to say. That's not to say I haven't said or written something along the same lines in the past. But, that (and a hundred other reasons) is why I am not a congressman.

Another Republican (can't remember which one) said recently that the Islamofacists are worse than Nazis. Another dumb thing to say. Yes, they are as evil as Nazis. And they share at least one goal (exterminating jews). But, the flip side of this is that Nazis are "better" than Islamofacists... why? Because of Volkswagon's or the Audobon or better engineering and good beer? Hopefully you see my point, anything that goes down this road ends up seeming like an apology of sorts for Nazism. I don't think that was the congressman's point... but you see the problem.

Again,for the record -- I have said many times that these guys are very like the Nazis in that both are horribly evil. And we have a responsibility to stand up to evil (here me now, O men of the west!)... But all these jihadi losers can do is destroy -- the Nazis were able to occupy, to oppress, and to conquer. That is much more frightening... though with the prospect of nuclear or biological terrorism, I may be proved wrong in the long run.

I appreciate the wing nut facist comparison.
Yeah, that link was bad, some zen f*cker driving across the states. This one will be better.
If it floats, sail on it, sorry for the other names, as I fixed nothing. MMark will work though.
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