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Saturday, July 09, 2005
Mass Transit Security:Time to Watch Your Wallet, Uncle Sam

There are going to be calls for more money and more investment in securing our mass transit facilities, buses, trains and the like to protect them against terrorism. Let's call this what it is: a shakedown. Every public agency, state and local government is going to have their hands out saying they need more federal money.

Here is the reality: in an open society, you simply cannot do much to secure mass transit facilities. I suppose there are some minor things you can do for Amtrak -- more officers? bomb sniffing dogs?-- but subways and buses are simply too open and accessible (and always will be).

Even if we did spend the zillions of dollars necessary to secure all these locations, buses and trains, it wouldn't prevent terrorists from simply going to a mall, or a factory, or a school.

So, be prepared.... the public safety hustle we saw after 9/11 will soon begin in earnest once again.

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