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Friday, July 08, 2005
The predictable left: It's all our fault…

Here's an excerpt from a typical piece by Tom Hayden:

"The lesson should be that Bush has put the West, including the American people, at life-and-death risk by going to war for fabrications. We will never be "safer" as long as we invade and occupy Iraq, prop up the Saudi dictators, and crawl towards only a token Palestinian state. We will be safe when we no longer forcibly occupy Muslim lands in the oil-driven search for dominance.

Before more attacks and more deaths, it is time for Congress to take the initiative from the Bush Administration and hold hearings on an exit strategy from Iraq. It is not acceptable for Donald Rumsfeld to scorn an exit strategy in favor of a victory strategy any longer.

How perfect is that? The unacceptable nature of a "victory strategy."

Sorry for the wording, but what a pussy!!
No... its not "our" fault. As usual - it is the rights fault. Thanks a lot for getting us into this stupid war - and those bombings in London are just another sign of your failed foreign policy.
OK, I'm sorry, but in the USA we have a process that uses elections. If the person who had lost to Bush was Al Gore I might waver a bit, but it was none other then John Kerry, and the victory was a solid undisputable one.
So, living in a country that respects the will of the majority, should we not consider all decisions as our own, or are we allowed to have partial membership to this club?
Pointing fingers with such comments like you made Braveheart does no good for our reputation or cohesion as a nation. It only makes deeper a divide that has become painfully evident since Gore lost during your parties first attempt at Bush.
I understand that we all are not required to think alike, but might it be nice if we can all recognize the raft we are floating in, instead of wasting time trying to figure out who lobbied for the make and model of the vessel?
Yes - those Terrorists who tried to blow up the New York Subway in 1997 were a result of a 'failed foreign policy'


They want to kill us all - whether it's now - or in 50 years.

At least now we're taking the fight to them - and I can tell you we are safer now than we were in 2001. The last three attacks have seen a decline in casualties, terror and coordination. We have our enemies on the run. - We are winning...too bad no one seems to notice.
Nobody notices this Chris because, nobody lives in the same fantasy land as you do. We are taking the fight to them.... and they are taking it to us in NY, Madrid, Ankara and now London... Meanwhile they continue to kill our soldiers in Iraq. Great success you morons are having screwing up the whole world. not that we haven't been warning you all this time.

The problem is just going to get worse.
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