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Friday, August 26, 2005

A while back, "Anonymous" and I had a disagreement about the extent of the damage the US inflicted on the poor Fallujahns (Fallujahdites?).

Here is an interesting post by Michael Fumento on the subject.

This line, in particular, caught my eye:

"Actually fighting left most of the town unscathed; most damage was from three decades of neglect under Saddam Hussein. And rebuilding began almost immediately."

On another note, based on this report, I am now interested in getting in the import business, bringing in "free" gasoline available in Iraq and selling it for the discounted $2.50 a gallon price -- available only to SCG's now dwindling readership.

Why did God put so much of our oil under there land?
kudos MMark kudos
Mark, you are a puzzle wrapped in an enigma... I'm not quite sure how to interpret your comments, to be honest.

I guess, God put their oil under their land just like he grew the food I eat on someone else's property and built the car I drive in somebody else's factory.

I share JPC's view that we don't do enough to utilize our own resources. We have the technology available to provide a significantly larger share of our own oil resources... but we lack the will to do it. Unfortunately, this isn't the result of the free market/free trade principles at work, but government regulations that ensure our oil resources will remain unused. For the most part, we receive no benefit from not drilling (in ANWR or parts of our coasts). The externalities (pollution, etc...) would be marginal in the first place and, in the second place, most of the places where drilling would take place would be nowhere near a population center. But, at least we can feel good about ourselves on Earth Day!

In the long run, I think we are going to see big steps forward in hybrid cars over the next few years. The high gas prices have certainly increased the market for them -- which should lead auto companies to invest more of their money into them. We should benefit from that down the road, with better and cheaper hybrid choices, I would think.

Just remember to thank Ed Begley, Jr. when you plug your car in at night.
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