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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
  • Washington Post headline yesterday: "A Charter Member of the Reagan Vanguard Court Nominee Was Part of Legal Team Seeking to Shift Course on Civil Rights Laws". I don't recall exactly, but I believe the accompanying articles were titled "Elvis Found Alive, Living in Poughkeepsie" and "Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Alien Baby".

  • Be afraid - Was at my local (as the Brits call it) last week. A young lady (meaning she is younger than my late thirty-some-odd years) seated down the bar had upon an introduction described her occupation as a middle school teacher and stated it was her profession for the last twelve years. Said teacher then proceeded to discuss potential summer vacation plans with some friends and expressed her interest in going to Canada. She went on to express some concern, being that Canada is a foreign country and that she would have to convert her American dollars "into Euros"?? When pressed she offered "Well, Canada is French. Isn't it???".
  • Energy Update - After 4 1/2 years, the House and Senate both passed an agreed upon Energy Bill last week. Don't expect your gasoline, diesel, oil, or natural gas prices to go down anytime soon. You will probably see the opposite happen. And welcome more crude and refined product imports.

so was the school teacher hot??? The one at your local....? A canadian chick huh? So that means she's arab....oh there smooth.
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